It’s a scary thought, and luckily a fairly rare occurrence. But nearly all cars that are hit by trains sustain devastating damages, and so do the people in them. Finding empathetic advocacy like what Bill Coats can bring is one step in a long journey of recovery. If your loved one was struck by a train while at a railroad crossing, contact Bill right away. He can offer a long history of compassionate legal representation for accident victims, at a time when you most need it.  He can give you a free case evaluation and negotiate on your behalf so you can focus on what you need to – healing.

What Causes a Collision at a Railroad Crossing?

Sometimes it’s a defect in the track. Other times, equipment failure. Sometimes a crash is due to a driver’s error. Railroad companies will hire a team of private investigators to assess train crossing accidents, and are ready to employ them at the scene of any accident. The companies do not want to be held accountable for accidents that may have been due to their mistake. And yet, when that’s exactly the case, they will still resist having to pay for the expensive and devastating aftermath. It’s not unheard of for train companies to blame the victim – the best defense is a good offense may be their motto after such collisions.

Factors That May Have Been Involved in a Railroad Crossing Crash:

  • Crossing gates, lights and alarms that don’t work as they should
  • Speeding trains, distracted train operators, or improper braking
  • Poor track maintenance
  • Operator fatigue due to long or nighttime work hours
  • Poorly trained crews

If you decide to exercise your rights after an accident and go after the train company, do not go it alone. Contact Bill Coats for the aggressive representation that gets results, not runaround.

What Damages are Available after a Train Crash?

Because of the nature of these collisions, the unfortunate fact is that most train accidents have tragic results. It may be that you must file a wrongful death lawsuit in order to receive money the train company does not want to pay. You may be eligible for money that covers your medical expenses, property damage, pain and suffering. Also if you incurred lost earning capacity or funeral costs, you are entitled to compensation. While it may seem like money wouldn’t help to get over the mental and emotional pain, there is a dollar assessment the train company is betting on. And you can bet it’s as low as possible. Bill Coats can help you fight the federal train companies. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be eligible to receive a significant settlement for the both economic and non-economic damages.

Do not let the train companies bully you. They may try to accuse you or your loved one, and pin the cause of the accident on anyone but themselves. It’s an enormous challenge to have to advocate for yourself or your loved ones after such a crisis. Let Bill Coats be the one to help you. The last things you need after this kind of accident are long negotiations and battles with the railroad company. It is okay to ask for what you deserve, and receive the financial resources to help you and your family recover from such a traumatic experience. Contact Bill today to talk about your case.


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