Traumatic brain injuries have gotten more attention in the media in the past few years, as doctors’ understanding of them evolves. TBIs can happen whenever someone experiences a head injury, ranging from a bump to a blow. This is why car accidents are so dangerous, and TBIs are typical results from them. According to the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) motor vehicles are responsible for nearly 1/5 of all TBIs in the US. Auto accidents are the leading case of fatalities resulting from TBIs.

A high-speed collision makes it very likely for those injured to have a TBI. Imagine all the things that could come into contact with your head in a split second during an accident. Air bags, windshields, car seats, windows, dashboard, steering wheel, are all parts of the vehicles that can create serious TBIs. Plus, any object in the car can become a projectile. If you’re on foot or on a bike and are hit by a car, there’s either nothing or a couple layers of plastic and foam between you and the car, and the pavement.

Brain injuries can be catastrophic, which means they have detrimental life-long effects. TBIs can bring a host of medical issues, such as long or short term memory loss, problems with motor function, issues with hearing and vision, and emotional and behaviorial issues.

If you’ve suffered a head injury ranging from a bump to a blow to your head, call me today. Don’t wait until the symptoms become worse, and if you have been hit on the head, it’s better to get it checked out right away, even if no symptoms are apparent.  Call 360-303-0601 and find out more by visiting these links:

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