Motorcycles offer a sense of freedom and excitement to those who love to drive them. While it takes a different level of skill and type of license that’s different from cars and trucks, many motorcyclists use it as a primary way of transportation, or as a fun way to explore our beautiful state of Washington. Many weekend days, rain or shine, you’ll find motorcycles chugging along Chuckanut Drive or throughout Whatcom County’s country roads. However, the freedom and unencumbered feeling of riding make it more dangerous than other motor vehicles.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, More than 80 percent of all motorcycle crashes result in injury or death to the motorcyclist. Head injuries are the leading cause of death among motorcyclists. Bill Coats knows how vulnerable motorcyclists are, and how to recover financial assets for these drivers and/or their families after serious accidents occur. If you or a friend or loved one has been involved in a collision involiving a motorcycle with a serious brain injury, don’t hestitate to call him at 360-303-0601.

Any traumatic brain injury brings about a litany of problems. Not only is it a catastrophic injury often resulting in years of rehabilitation and permanent challenges, there is also the factors of loss of income from recovery or inability to return to work. Emotional recovery for both the survivor and their family must be considered. And sometimes durable medical equipment will be part of the survivor’s life forever. Don’t think that your auto insurance policy will automatically cover all these things you will need if you’re hurt in a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycles simply lack the protection that larger vehicles, especially trucks or SUVs, have which explains how serious injuries so often occur in accidents. Potholes in the road can have devastating effects for a motorcyclist, as well as poor lighting or signage. Traumatic brain injuries, again so common after a motorcyclist crashes, often include concussions, loss of consciousness or coma, and short or long term effects of memory, sensory, motor functions loss. Emotional or personality changes can be common results of head injury. And sadly, permanent disability is not unheard of in these cases. Ongoing medical care is not cheap but often the only way for someone to regain as much functionality in life as is currently available by medical science.

It is so important to take prompt action after a brain injury due to a motorcycle accident. There is a statute of limitations that will apply; the clock is ticking for you to recover damages the moment after your collision occurs. In Washington, this deadline is two years from the accident’s date. This means that if you wait to file a lawsuit after that time limit passes, you permanently lose the right to seek compensation for the negligence that caused your injuries, or that of your family member. Don’t wait for serious problems to manifest. Seek medical attention first and foremost, and follow your doctors’ advice to the letter. Then, focus on providing financial resources for yours and your family’s recovery.

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