No one will dispute that a motor vehicle accident is traumatic for everyone involved, including the driver who caused it. But fleeing an accident is never a good idea, and makes a tragic situation worse every time. If you have been hit by a hit-and-run driver, immediately call Attorney Bill Coats. He may be critical in assisting you to bring this reckless driver to justice. Bill has spent his career helping victims of reckless, drunk and distracted drivers get the money that helps them in their recovery from these often devastating accidents. 

While all personal injury cases are complex, a hit-and-run claim or lawsuit has a host of other complications. Leaving the scene of an accident is illegal in Washington State. Gathering the right kind of evidence to support the claims and potential lawsuits is critical. It’s important to consult with an attorney who can tell you if you have a case, and get some idea of next steps. If you do sign on with an attorney, he or she then takes on the responsibility of working with medical experts to determine the level of care your injuries require. A skilled attorney can reconstruct the accident to show the unique characteristics of the collision and use that information to help prove the hit-and-run driver’s liability. Even though it looks terrible to the insurance companies and courts if a driver leaves the accident scene, proving fault is not always straightforward. 

Sometimes the hit-and-run driver simply gets away. Even if the driver is never found, you still have options for financial recovery. Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage in your policy can provide compensation, however, it is sometimes a challenge to work with your insurance company, regardless of your history making your premium payments on time on a robust, well-covered policy. Sometimes you are actually entitled to more coverage than the insurers will initially offer. As very large companies, insurers keep an eye on their bottom line. They may prolong the process, or even outright deny your claim. If this has happened to you, call Bellingham Attorney Bill Coats right away. If you have an attorney looking out for your best interest and using his professional skills and experience to negotiate on your behalf, you are much more likely to receive full, fair and fast compensation. 

A serious crash can lead to long term complications – long hospital stays, multiple surgeries, drug prescriptions and their side effects, physical therapy, and the time it takes away from your job to do all this – if, indeed, you aren’t permanently prevented from returning to your job because of the effects of your injuries. 

And then there is the emotional aftermath of a crash. PTSD is a normal reaction after life-threatening circumstances, and victims often suffer from depressions, anxiety, and other types of emotional distress. The emotional repercussions effect not just the person feeling them, but their friends, colleagues, and family as well. 

Do not suffer alone. Call Bill Coats Law in Bellingham, WA and talk about what you’ve experienced. It’s a free call, and he will ask the right questions to learn more about your potential claim. You’ve nothing to lose, but don’t wait – claims and lawsuits have a statute of limitations. If it is too late, you will not be able to make a claim, no matter the damages and losses you suffered. Bill can help you determine the right course of action, but only if you contact him.


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