Speed limits are not just recommendations, but established rules that all drivers are expected to follow while operating their vehicles on Washington roads. Many factors are considered by the engineers who set the limits, such as the road’s characteristics; how wide the shoulder might be, if there is one at all; road grade; and the length of a driver’s line of sight. The limits are set very carefully after an assessment of all these factors, and are meant to keep everyone safe and maintain a healthy flow of traffic as much as possible.

However, some drivers speed, and statistics reflect this. Speeding is especially dangerous due to all the variables in reaction time with other drivers, blind spots, and some unsafe behaviors like tailgating that often go with speeding.  An avoidable behavior, speeding causes many accidents on Bellingham and Whatcom County roads. These accidents can result in terrible injury or death – the faster the speed, the harder the impact. These accidents occur due to driver error – and law breaking. Therefore, anyone who harms another because of speeding can be held at fault for all damages incurred from a collision.

How many drivers speed in Washington?

In an estimated 22 to 27 percect of all traffic accidents in the state of Washington, speeding was a major factor, according to Washington State Collision Data Summary reports. The state was divided up into different segments; the northwest portion which includes Bellingham and Whatcom County reported nearly 7,000 collisions where speeding was a determinant.

What if speeding was a factor in my accident? How do I hold these drivers accountable for the losses, injuries, and damage I incurred?

Speeding is illegal in the state of Washington. So, if a driver can be shown to have been speeding at the time they hit you, your claim will be tough to contest. However, proving that can be the tricky part. This, again, is where your lawyer comes in. There will need to be a thorough investigation to find the kind of evidence a court of law will be looking for, if it does indeed go all the way to trial. Traffic camera photos, testimonies from witnesses who were at the scene, and expert witness testimonies like those from accident reconstruction specialists all can provide information that can support your claim. With a successful claim, it’s quite possible you will receive full compensation for the losses you incurred as the victim of someone else’s poor decision to break the law.

How Do I Begin?

All you need to do to get started is call Bill Coats. He is well qualified, and will help you navigate the complicated process of finding fair and full compensation for you, without having to deal with the many doors that will feel closed to you if you try to go against big companies on your own. Protect your rights and call him right away. He offers no-cost consultations, and a wealth of insight and experience to help you navigate next steps. Bill can be reached at 360-303-0601, or by sending this form through.

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