Little is there as protection between the ground and your body if you are thrown over your bike’s handlebars. Always wear a helmet, because it can be the only thing that protects you from injuries. Yet it is technically not a law in many Washington cities, Bellingham included. A car has seat belts, airbags, and other safety features that go into the engineering in case of a crash. However, a bike lacks these. Chances are, if you have wrecked your bike and gone over the handlebars, you were injured and might be facing a long road to recovery.

If this accident happened because of the recklness or negligence of another party, don’t face the burden of finding compensation for your losses alone. Call Bill Coats, of Bill Coats Law. He is skilled and experienced in understanding the nuances of a successful bike accident case, and can help you get more compensation than the insurers may initially offer. You need answers and reliable support at this time, not endless phone calls and run-around. Bill offers free consultations, so the first step is to contact him and set up a time.

Someone who has been thrown over the handlebars may deal with all kinds of injuries. Head trauma and brain injury, facial wounds that may lead to scarring or broken bones. Spinal cords including neck injuries may result, and broken bones. These are not easy injuries to heal from, and require skilled medical care and rehabilitation. This is to say nothing about the emotional and psychological wounds that occur from this kind of trauma. All told, the costs to treat these issues can rise quickly, and stay high for a long time, when victims cannot work and must focus on healing. At Bill Coats Law, your case will be treated with the empathy you deserve, and you will have a tough advocate taking on the insurance companies for you.

You may be eligible for compensation for medical costs and hospital fees, lost wages and diminished or lost earning capacity. Your pain and suffering may feel incalculable, but rest assured the insurance companies have a dollar amount for this too. Take action soon, before the statute of limidations runs out. Call Bill Coats Law and begin the process of financial recovery. If Bill takes on your case, he doesn’t get paid until you do. Contact Bill by phone, at 360-303-0601, or this form.

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