Distracted driving accidents are on the rise. Though it is illegal to drive distracted, many drivers persist in engaging in activities behind the wheel that impede their focus on driving. Lawmakers wrote the law to include simply holding a cell phone on the list of things that distract drivers. For most people, just holding a phone means someone is too likely to use it.

If you are hit by a distracted driver, you might very well be recovering from a very serious accident, such as the one this mother and her children suffered. So often, distracted drivers are discovered to be so after the accident due to lack of skid marks, or other forensic evidence that shows they weren’t paying attention.

In cases where distracted driving results in a motor vehicle accident, upon proving negligence on the part of the offending driver, the injured driver may be eligible to receive some or all of the following types of economic and non-economic damages:

  • Payment of all hospital and medical bills and expenses
  • Compensation for lost wages and time missed from work
  • Compensation for all causally related past, present, and future pain and suffering
  • Compensation for all causally related mental anguish and emotional distress damages
  • Compensation for loss of earning capacity
  • Compensation for permanency of injury
  • Payment of all causally related psychological or psychiatric treatment
  • Compensation for loss of consortium, companionship, and/or spousal support

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