E.L. Doctorow said, “You never see further than your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.” Most people can, but night time driving is more dangerous than during daylight hours, simply because of reduced visibility. Add to it drivers who are drunk or drugged, or distracted, and things become very dangerous. Nightime driving increases the chance of an accident as reported in this Forbes Magazine article. You might have seen drivers in cars missing a working head or tail light, or driving with no lights at all. It is against the rules of the road to drive without adequate lighting at night. This kind of negligence can bring on accidents with catastrophic results.

If you have been hit by a driver who was not operating a safe vehicle, or hit you because of negligence, your life has been impacted far beyond the initial hit. You don’t have to soldier through it and take what the insurance companies want to give you. The time to act is now, and call Bill Coats to share with him the facts of your case.

It’s a sad fact, but frequently drivers who are negligent or dangerous are able to walk away from the scene of the accident they caused without being held accountable. Insurance companies won’t necessarily advocate for you in getting justice. Bill Coats doesn’t let that ride. Don’t go it alone, but hire a skilled lawyer who can be your voice in helping to recover the funds you need to move along with your life. Consultations are free. All you have to do is call.

It may feel fruitless to try to get justice after a devastating accident. You’ve got so much to focus on. Often, accident victims are left reeling, healing from injuries, being without a vehicle, dealing with grief. And then the bills come. It makes sense to wonder how starting a legal case may help.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the collision, you could be eligible for damages sustained from:

  • Emergency medical arrangements and transportation
  • Expensive medical procedures and surgeries
  • On-going and long-term doctor visits
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of wages

As the weight of the situation settles in, it’s typical to wonder, “What good will a lawyer do me now?” A lawyer can’t get loved ones back, or fix a broken bone. But a successful settlement can give you the funds to help mend your finances – another thing that takes a hit after a collision. That can help ease the rest of the recovery process.

Act fast. The tricky part of a collision that happens at night is that cameras don’t collect evidence, and usually there are few witnesses. Contacting Bill right away helps him begin the process of pulling together information that helps your case. Call him today, at 360-303-0601.

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