It might be hard to imagine, but broadside collisions on a motorcycle don’t tend to result in the catastrophic injuries that head-on or rollover crashes incur. However, motorcycles do not have the same protection of a vehicle surrounding them on all sides. Even a tap from a car can result in the motorcycle driver losing control, hitting another object such as a car or truck, and getting into a bad wreck that leaves the other driver unscathed. Typically it is the other driver who is at fault in these kinds of broadside collisions, which makes recouping losses more straightforward. However, before you attempt to recover your losses yourself through the maze of insurance policies and protocols, consult with a skilled lawyer.

Bill Coats is your advocate for motorcycle collisions, and can help you file a personal injury claim. He has decades of experience working with insurers to get fast, full and fair compensation for his clients. Conveniently located in Bellingham, Washington, Bill works with clients all over Whatcom and Skagit counties. Call him today at 360-303-0601 or contact him here.

Sadly, often these accidents occur from driver error. With the ubiquity of cell phones and distracting technology drivers use – against many states’ laws, including Washington – distracted driving is rampant. If a driver fails to check blind spots, a smaller, faster vehicle like a motorcycle is easily missed. If the motorcyclist has to dodge the car, other collisions may occur. This leaves the motorcycle driver vulnerable to road burn, traumatic brain injury, broken bones, spinal injuries, and the emotional aftermath that occurs from a terrible accident.

Distracted driving occurs from many different sources. Texting or talking on the phone, or surfing the web and checking email are obvious ones. Also, searching radio stations or changing discs, as well as using the GPS device distract drivers. Hands free devices are shown to be distracting also, even though they don’t take hands off the steering wheel they still involve cognitive concentration, and it is impossible for the brain to do two of those kinds of tasks simultaneously. Putting on makeup, eating, or talking with passengers also distract drivers. Drunk driving, fatigued driving, poor road conditions or defective vehicles or their parts can put in motion the factors that lead to these terrible crashes. As you can see, the situation can become quite complicated and involves knowing how to uncover useful evidence to help your case.

Most likely, the liable party’s insurer won’t readily send you the compensation you deserve. There are many ways they can put you off, such as arguing with facts of the case, bringing out the red tape, and even contesting  your claim. As a motorcyclist, you have to be careful in your dealings with them. This is why the best thing you can do after such an accident is to call an attorney and get solid legal advice. Decisions you make that may have negative repercussions later are best avoided, and a lawyer can help you get on the right road.

Call Bill Coats today. He can navigate this complicated process on your behalf. You can see his successful track record here and in a $3.2M claim awarded here. You need someone on your side to get the best settlement for your loved ones that you can. Bill’s office in downtown Bellingham is easy to get to, and he is just a phone call away.

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