The vast majority of motorcycle collisions happen at intersections. Imagine that you’re on a motorcycle, turning left when a much bigger, heavier vehicle such as a car or truck comes barreling through and hits you. These kinds of accidents are hard on someone in a fully enclosed vehicle, but can be absolutely devastating to someone on a bike. If the person who hit you did so out of negligence or recklessness, you may be due a substantial payout for your injuries and losses from the at-fault party.

The best way to find out is to call a lawyer experienced with handling these kinds of cases. Bill Coats Law is that firm. Bill Coats has been in practice for decades, and has built a solid reputation for finding settlements for his clients when the insurance company refuses to pay or pays too little. To find out if you have a case, call him today, at 360-303-0601 or email him through this form.

In collisions that are caused by someone else’s mistake, it doesn’t matter how defensively you drive. You can be following all the traffic rules and be fully visible, but if someone is on their cell phone, or drunk, you can only hope that you can survive your injuries if you’re hit. Other drivers that follow the rules and drive defensively themselves make the roads safer, but you don’t have any control over how other people drive. If you’re hurt as the result of their inattention or other mistakes, call Bill Coats today.

Sifting through collision and police reports, witness accounts, medical records, takes a level of skill and experience. There are many complex laws that pertain to personal injury cases. There’s a reason lawyers have to go through the intensity and difficulty of law school, along with taking the bar exam, in order to practice law. It’s their job to protect citizens by knowing what the laws are. Within each and every one of these laws and policies are places where compensation can be granted. Don’t try to find this out on your own; it makes no more sense than being a plumber and trying to overhaul an engine. Let an experienced, skilled attorney get you the claim you deserve.

Bill Coats Law is in Bellingham, Washington and serves clients all over Whatcom, Skagit and Island counties. If you have been involved in an accident where you were injured and want to know if you have a claim, all it takes is a free consultation with Bill. Don’t accept less than you deserve. Bill works on a contingency basis, which means that he doesn’t get paid until you do. It doesn’t make sense to try to battle the insurance companies on your own. Contact Bill today.

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