If you’ve been involved in an automobile accident, you likely have many questions about what happens next. Suddenly you’re immersed in the world of insurance adjusters, auto body mechanics, and medical specialists trying to help you get back on your feet. It’s an overwhelming time even for those who aren’t dealing with injuries and trying to decrease stress in order to heal. Add to this confusing time the psychological implications of surviving a traumatizing event. Studies show that PTSD is a common result of a motor vehicle accident, even if no one ends up in the hospital. The symptoms of PTSD make it hard to make good, methodical decisions. In fact, one symptom of PTSD is that accident victims often outright avoid thinking of the accident, which is certainly not an option if an insurance adjuster is grilling you on the phone about it. This is where it helps to have an advocate guide you through the process of negotiating an insurance claim. 

In order to help people through this time and give information to help make sense of what’s happening, I created a series of videos on my YouTube channel, Bill Coats Law. While they are admittedly not as much fun as watching crazy cat videos or whatever David Beckham is up to these days, it’s my hope that if someone needs this info, they’ve got it. Below is a list of subjects and links to highlight a few:

How can I get coverage for future wage loss

I would rather avoid going to the doctor and dealing with all that. Is it important that I see a doctor after an accident?

What kind of compensation is allowed after an automobile accident case

Those are just a few; many more videos are available, and more to come. 

I want to emphasize there is no shame in advocating for your rights as an accident victim and seeking compensation for yourself and your family. So often what the insurance adjusters offer pales in comparison to the expenses, damages, and residual affects on an accident someone has to live with, at some level, permanently. This is why personal injury lawyers are here, and why it is my passion to help you through this difficult time. In our culture, we don’t rely on an “eye for an eye” kind of justice – you can’t go smash up the car of the person who hit you. When there’s no criminal behavior or crime, justice is given in the form of financial compensation. No one can undo time and keep an accident from occurring. But with justice, the scales balance and people can go on to live a better life. Contact me today if I can help you.

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