Drunk driver. Car accident. Semi tractor trailer crash. Not anything Whatcom County residents want to face, especially when it happens all at once, like this recent Ferndale motor vehicle and commercial truck accident. A Toyota Tacoma truck driver was allegedly driving drunk and ran through a stop sign. He smashed into a semi tractor trailer. The semi’s driver was okay, but the drunk driver and his passenger are still in Bellingham’s hospital in critical condition. Luckily all three involved in the accident were wearing seatbelts, which greatly increases an accident victim’s chance of surviving a serious car crash.

Bill Coats Law is familiar with truck vs. car accidents, and works to get claims paid fast, fair and fully. Especially when a case seems clear-cut, such as situations like the one described above. Fault seems like it should be straightforward when a driver is drunk and hits someone else. But even in the most obvious-sounding cases, car insurance companies simply do not want to pay out claims fully. They are for-profit companies, so there’s no incentive to them to offer advice and assistance to accident victims their client has hurt. Instead, what so many car accident victims experience is the insurer drags the claim out, puts up hurdles in the form of paperwork accident victims must provide even when they’re supposed to recover their health and get back to work. Also, it’s rarely straightforward that an accident only costs as much as the medical bills. Accident victims also lose quality of life in the days and weeks after an accident, and some never fully recover it. There is a cost associated to this, but only if you know how to figure it out and demand it. Also, there is a high chance that their bodies will never fully recover without future medical attention on the injuries they sustained because of someone else’s poor driving decision. This is also an injustice to accident victims that can be righted with the help and experience of the best personal injury attorney.

If you’re hit by someone else and it was not your fault, or you’re not sure whose fault it was, call Bill Coats Law. We are as compassionate as we are tough, and dedicate our professional lives to helping our clients get back their quality of life as much as possible. The way to start back on the road to financial recovery is to call or email and set up a consultation. This a free consultation we offer to better understand our clients’ case and offer an assessment about best next steps. What you hear may surprise you, even if you’ve already given up believing that you’ll get what’s owed to you, or months or years have passed since your accident. Call 360-303-0601 today.

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