UM/UIM Claims

Under-insured and Uninsured Motorist Coverage – when at-fault driver’s policy isn’t enough

When someone has been injured or killed in an accident, the main source of financial recovery is the insurance policy of the at-fault party. Unfortunately, many drivers do not carry enough insurance or carry no insurance to cover the cost of medical treatment for injuries, property damage, and other financial losses that people experience. Fortunately, many injured people do carry important provisions of their own insurance policies – Under-insured (UIM) and Uninsured (UM) coverage.

These different provisions come into play when the at-fault driver either has no insurance coverage, or insufficient insurance coverage to pay for the injuries and/or property damage someone experienced as a result of the accident.

Attorney Bill Coats has 20+ years of experience handling UM and UIM Claims

For so many of Bill’s clients, a UM or UIM claim is necessary to obtain the funds needed for an injured client to recover as fully as possible. If the injuries are severe or permanent and yet there isn’t enough insurance money to cover the medical costs, Bill will follow any avenue necessary to secure a full settlement, including tapping into available UM/UIM funds from an injured person’s own policy.

How many drivers don’t carry insurance or don’t carry enough?

According to the Insurance Research Council, 15-26% of Washington State drivers have no insurance in 2012, despite state laws that require most drivers to carry insurance. Go to this site to learn more about Washington State insurance law.

With this many drivers carrying no insurance, and a significant number more carrying insufficient insurance, the chances are high that for any accident, the attorney may need to launch a UM/UIM claim.

How do you know what insurance coverage the at-fault party has?

After an accident, the most important thing for an injured person to do is get the medical treatment necessary to begin healing. For an attorney, the most important thing is to discover the insurance policy limits of the at-fault party. Often it is a struggle to get this information from an insurance adjuster. But once the policy limits are determined, and the extent of injuries and damages becomes clear, then a UM or UIM claim can commence.

Bill Coats has vast experience determining the value of a claim, identifying all sources of insurance coverage, and managing all aspects of a personal injury claim to obtain a full settlement for his clients. In a case where the insurance company refuses to offer a full settlement, Bill is perfectly willing to take a case to a jury.

To find out more about your potential claim and have your questions answered, contact Bill today by calling 360-303-0601 or by completing this quick contact form.

Will a UM/UIM claim increase my insurance rates? No.

Your rates only increase when your insurance company determines that you are an increased risk for claims. But since an uninsured or under-insured claim only relates to accidents where you are not at fault, you do not represent an increased risk. And sometimes the UM/UIM claim is the only source of funds to cover medical bills and other damages after an accident.

Bill Coats finds any coverage available to help his clients recover

After a major accident, or even worse, if someone is killed due to the negligence of another person or entity, life is turned upside down for the victims and their families. While a monetary settlement cannot undo the damage caused, it can reduce stress and worry, and will help the people affected move forward with their lives. Bill focuses his efforts in this area, to secure the funds that will help his clients recover.

Contact Bill Coats to begin the process of healing.

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