Top Ten Tips after an Auto Accident:

  1. Get needed medical treatment right away. If you delay, the insurance company will deny or minimize your claim.
  2. Follow all of your doctor’s recommendations.
  3. Take lots of photos of the damage to your vehicle.
  4. Do not sign anything from an insurance company without reading it very carefully.
  5. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible after an auto accident and cooperate with their requests.
  6. Do not give a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company. They are trained to achieve one goal: to pay as little as possible for your claim. Give only the minimum information necessary to open a claim. Do not discuss the extent of your injuries or details about the collision.
  7. Be polite and professional even when the insurance company is not. If you get upset, tell them that you are not feeling well and you will call back later.
  8. Document everything related to your accident. Write down claim numbers, names and phone numbers of insurance representatives, your doctors and the incident number.
  9. What you tell your doctor will be in your chart notes and read by the insurance company. So if you are still hurting, don’t say you are feeling better just to make your doctor feel good. Have a positive outlook, but be honest.
  10. Your Facebook posts may be seen by the insurance company. So if you are hurting, don’t make it seem like you are having a great time just to keep up appearances.

Local Resources

Whatcom County Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee  assists in the planning, funding, development, and implementation of facilities and programs that will result in the increased safety and use of bicycle and pedestrian travel as a significant and beneficial mode of transportation and recreation.

Washington State Patrol
Aggressive Driving/Road Rage. How to report an aggressive driver, as well as tips and tools to deal with this new phenomenon.
Commercial Vehicles and Motor Carrier Education. Inspections, chaining requirements, scale certifications, DOT numbers, compliance forms and equipment.
Enforcement. Traffic enforcement from the ground and air.
Ignition Interlock Breath Alcohol Devices. Certified interlock devices required in vehicles of DUI offenders.
Load Securement and Escape of Load Reporting.  Load securement, regulations and reporting loss of load.
Scale Certifications and Calibration Equipment. Search scale serial numbers or calibration equipment test numbers to view and print notarized certifications.
Speed Measuring Devices and Certification Search. Search for testing and certification information for all speed measuring devices used by the Washington State Patrol.
Traction Devices for Passenger Vehicles.  Regulations for chains, studded tires and other traction devices.
Passenger Vehicle Equipment.  Regulations on equipment, motorcycle helmets, after market vehicle parts, and special motor vehicles.
Traffic Safety and Travel Resources.  Links to traffic advisories, ferries, road conditions and more.   
Vehicle Identification Number Inspections.   Locations, schedules, regulations, fees and contact information.

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