Far too often, the answer is yes – in behavior, if not in words. When drivers text, their collision risk was 23 times greater than when not texting.

Even though 99% of drivers say they are not comfortable riding in the car with a texting driver, drivers use their phones on 88% of their journeys. Drivers seem to know that using an electronic device while driving is very dangerous, and yet so many people still continue to do so. In fact, distracted driving is a known factor in one out of four car accidents according to National Safety Council. There’s a big disconnect between drivers’ ideas about distracted driving and their behavior.

Driving under the influence of Electronics is illegal in Washington State. The law, and the public awareness campaigns that accompany it, are hoping to change drivers’ behavior just as drunk driving laws have attempted to reduce alcohol-related crashes. In Washington State alone, 1,500 people statewide have been ticketed for DUI-Electronic since July 2017, when the state introduced the new distracted driving law. Driving under the influence of electronics is just as dangerous, if not more so, than drunk driving, if only because so many more people do it at any given moment, on any road.

Extra patrols will be on the roads between April 2 – 14 to ticket distracted drivers. The first offense will cost you $136. A second offense within five years will cost $234. Your insurance company will be notified, which means your rates will increase. Would you pay that much money to send a quick text? Of course you wouldn’t. And how would you feel if your text cost someone their life or health? If you have any trouble answering that question, watch these heart-breaking, shocking videos to see firsthand how devastating and pointless distracted driving is.

At Bill Coats Law, we are passionate about helping the victims of distracted drivers recover all possible losses and damages. While nothing can return a life, having a skilled, knowledgable and dedicated team on your side through the all-too-ardous process of car accident insurance claim can make a difference to your quality of life as you recover. Call us today for a free consultation.




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