Someone else’s mistake can turn  your life upside down. If you have been seriously injured in Bellingham or anywhere in Whatcom County, Bill Coats and his team can help you get back on your feet. We will devote all our skills and resources to help you towards a full recovery.

How Bill Coats Law can help you

Bill Coats Law is a Bellingham-based law firm completely dedicated to personal injury law. Bill Coats has twenty years’ experience working with injured people to reach a fast, full, fair compensation package. We have helped many people through the years.

Here are a few examples of personal injury case results that show our outstanding record:

$1,400,000 - Whatcom County Girl Blinded in One Eye from Bottle Rocket

$500,000 - Negligent Supervision of Probationer Leads to Death of a Child

Bill Coats has a 10.0 rating with Avvo, their highest rating granted. He is a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, which allows in only lawyers who have won multi-million dollar verdicts or settlements for their clients. Throughout his two decades of experience, he has conducted over 50 trials. 

Those who have been injured understand the emotional and financial impact they and their families must endure. They feel the effects of the medical bills, not being able to work, and many other treatment expenses that can come throughout the healing process. It's hard to quantify physical pain and psychological anguish, but these are inevitable effects of accidents and things that no individual or family should bear alone. The Bellingham attorneys at Bill Coats Law understand the fears and uncertainties that serious injuries bring. When victims choose Bill Coats Law, they choose advocates who are skilled and experienced in getting fast, full, fair settlements and verdicts. 

The law gives accident victims the right to recover financial compensation when someone is hurt due to another's negligence. Spouses and close family members can be eligible for financial help as well. In many cases it's an insurance company who insures the responsible party is supposed to pay to even things out. However, sometimes there is a dispute about who is at fault and/or to what degree. Litigation may become necessary to show the insurance companies that injured victims won't settle for less than they deserve. This is where it is critical to have a legal advocate ready to fight for you.  

In fact, insurance companies typically offer low initial settlements. It's their hope that the injured party, often desperate for money and feeling overwhelmed by the accident and recovery process will take what they can get. This strategy doesn't work when the injured victim knows what his or her case is really worth. When Bellingham lawyer Bill Coats takes on the insurance company, it sends a message that they must negotiate in good faith or risk facing a substantial judgment in court.  

Contact attorneys who can protect your rights following an injury

Bill Coats Law has represented victims of various types of personal injury. Please visit the links below to match our expertise with your particular case. If you have been injured due to the fault of another, there is no reason to go it alone. Our Bellingham injury attorneys unite with you and help you get the compensation that you deserve. From our offices in downtown Bellingham, WA, we serve clients throughout Whatcom and Skagit Counties. Contact us today online or by calling (360) 392-2833 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Bike accident

Pedestrian accident

Wrongful Death

Car Accident

Drunk Driving

Semi Tractor Trailer and Truck Accidents

Motorcycle Accident

Distracted Driving

Bus and Mass Transit Accidents

Child Injury Claims

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Hit and run accidents

Passenger Auto Injury Claims

UM/UIM Claims

Unsafe Roads and Highways

Bill Coats Law also handles the following personal injury cases:

Construction Site Accidents

Defective Products

Work Place Injury

Nursing Home Abuse

Dog Bite and Dog Attack

How personal injury attorneys help accident victims and our whole society

Personal injury attorneys have some pretty derogatory nicknames that unfortunately go with the profession. Ambulance chasers and shysters come to mind. However, if you think about what the legal system means and the ways that personal injury attorneys fit into it, they do some good for society and the economy.

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Tips for pedestrians crossing train tracks safely

Every now and then, I hear about a devastating pedestrian versus train accident in Bellingham. They are nearly always fatal for the individual struck by the train, and sadly, sometimes deliberate, like this recent suicide. Since train tracks run directly through Bellingham and many trains pass through Whatcom County on a daily basis, it is reassuring to know that for the most part we share space with trains well. However, Bellingham shares many streets with train tracks and holds many unmarked crossings.

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A refresher on handling a common Bellingham driving condition

This morning brought a familiar sight to Bellingham drivers: fog. Now that fall is upon us, many mornings commuters will face foggy road conditions. Northwest drivers should be used to driving through fog. But since human error factors into 94% of car crashes, it's best to pay attention to best driving practices no matter what. Here are a few refreshers:

Slow Down

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Insurance companies can be guilty of this unfair tactic when negotiating claims

Insurance companies are, by nature, at odds with themselves. They are both in the business of paying out money for accident victims' claims, as well as making a profit in order to stay in business. A driver's lifetime of paying insurance premiums can still fall short of the costs incurred in one bad car accident. This contradiction leads to some problems. One of those problems is an insurance company acting in "bad faith". 

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A few things you should expect from your personal injury attorney

Accident victims have many questions about the process of hiring a lawyer and preparing for settlement or trial. To help our clients and others understand this process better, the following is a description of some key considerations in hiring a personal injury attorney. Much of the decision on how to choose your lawyer hinges on the initial consultation.

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How to find a good personal injury attorney Part 2

So you've read my blog post on how to find a good Bellingham personal injury lawyer Part 1, and you've narrowed your list of favorites down to about three good lawyers. Now it's time to make some phone calls and set up some appointments. Here are some factors to consider as you delve into each individual lawyer's attributes.


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The reality is insurance companies don't act like their commercials

Businesses must make a profit in order to keep going, this we know. This model makes sense for, let's say, a restaurant that doesn't serve customers delicious food in a timely way, so it goes out of business. For insurance companies, though, it's a little more complicated. Though many Bellingham neighborhoods have an insurance agency with an old fashioned brick and mortar shop on the corner, most insurance companies are giant corporations managed by a roomful of investors watching their bottom line.

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Bill Coats is rated as a Super Lawyer. Here's what that means.

You've probably seen the button on the footer of my website pages. I am listed as a Super Lawyer, but you may be wondering what does that mean? Super Lawyers is a rating service of lawyers that helps clients find the lawyer best suited to represent them. Lawyers selected to be on Super Lawyers' list have attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. The patented selection process includes independent research, peer nominations and peer evaluations.

Here's how it works: 

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