After The Crash: How Auto Accident Attorney Bill Coats Protects Your Rights

Everyone at Bill Coats Law understands the challenges that can arise after a serious car accident. We have seen the injuries and damage that can result from a collision and understand the difficulties some victims face in trying to recover full and fair compensation from the insurance companies.

There are very specific rules and regulations in Washington State that can complicate an insurance claim and the ability to recover additional compensation for things like disability, loss of enjoyment of life, and pain and suffering. In cases of severe injury or death, to have the best chance at receiving full and fair compensation for your losses, it is best to contact a local attorney who has knowledge and experience in laws regarding auto accident claims. We are located in Bellingham and serve clients throughout northwest Washington. 

Attorneys Bill Coats and Tiffany Bailey focus on automobile accident cases and will help ensure that your rights are protected.

If you’ve been in a car accident and are unsure of your next step, please call to set up a meeting with Bill to discuss your case.  There is never any charge to discuss your case.  We will review your claim, answer your questions, and determine if we can help. 

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We hear daily from people who have been injured in car accidents in Bellingham and throughout Whatcom County, including Ferndale, Blaine and Lynden. Sometimes the accidents and injuries are minor, but often, someone is seriously hurt or killed in a crash. It is a terrifying experience to go through, and afterwards, many crucial decisions need to be made to ensure the physical and financial recovery of the victims. Because of this, attorney Bill Coats focuses his legal practice on auto accidents in Bellingham and Whatcom County where he can help people negotiate the difficult road to recovery.

Contact Bill to discuss your car accident case at 360-392-2833.

Bill Coats' track record of full, fast, and fair auto accident settlements speaks for itself

Bellingham auto accident attorney Bill Coats has spent 20 years working with injured clients to ensure they get the medical treatment they need to recover, to get their medical bills paid, and to deal with auto insurance companies and adjusters to get the optimal settlement. His goal is to obtain the funds needed so clients can recover from their financial losses and move forward with their lives. He’s helped clients dealing with a wide variety of auto accidents, including:


Here’s what Bill has learned in 20+ years of handling auto accidents:

  • Even a fairly minor car accident can cause long-term injuries requiring extensive medical treatment – it is crucial to know how to estimate the cost of future medical treatment.
  • Car accidents are often caused by drivers with no insurance, despite the requirements of Washington State law, so it is imperative to find coverage through any available source.
  • Many people do not carry enough insurance to cover the damages in a car crash, especially if more than one person is injured or killed.
  • All insurance adjusters will offer low settlements initially, and it takes an experienced auto accident attorney to negotiate a full and fair settlement.

When you or someone you care about has been seriously injured in a car accident, there is a flurry of immediate decisions that need to be made to help the person medically and financially. Bill hears many questions and concerns from accident victims as they struggle to deal with what has happened. For example:

  • What should I do if I can’t work for a while?
  • What should I do if my injuries prevent me from ever returning to my current job?
  • Medical bills are piling up and I haven’t received any payments from the driver’s insurance company or from my own – What do I do?
  • The other driver had no insurance and I don’t know if my coverage will be enough?
  • The insurance adjuster is giving me the run around – how can I get a fair settlement?

Bill has the answers to these questions. Give him a call now to begin recovering from a car accident.

Some folks have received fairly minor injuries and call with questions about how to deal with property damage, and how to work with insurance adjusters to resolve their own claims. While in some cases it is possible to handle your own claim, for example when there are no injuries, very minor injuries, or minor vehicle damage, it is advisable to have a personal injury attorney review the situation first.

Bill Coats Law focuses upon personal injury and wrongful death law in Bellingham and throughout Whatcom County, and our experience has allowed us to help hundreds of clients like you. Contact us today to learn the path to recovery, at 360-392-2833.

Many auto accidents involve alcohol or drugs. If you or someone you love was involved in a drunk or drugged driving accident, click here to learn more. 

With the prevalence of electronic devices, distracted driving and the accidents it causes is on the rise. If your accident involved these factors that contribute to distracted driving, consult with an attorney experienced with handling them. 

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Car Light Inspection in Bellingham to Help Prevent Auto Accidents

Dark days are coming.  In support of the National Car Care Month, the Whatcom County Unit of Automotive Service Association (ASA) will conduct FREE inspections of your car lights on October 1, 2016 at Bellingham High School parking lot from 9 am to 1 pm.  They will replace faulty standard exterior bulbs for no charge and install LED & HID bulbs if provided.  Local technicians and students from Bellingham Technical College will provide this service.  If you have a headlight out and are in an accident, you may be liable or partly at-fault because of this.  Personal injury attorney Bill Co

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Bellingham Police Traffic Division Works to Keep Us Safe

The Traffic Division of the Bellingham Police Department includes a sergeant, six police officers and four parking enforcement officers.  The sergeant and police officers patrol Bellingham on motorcycles and conduct traffic enforcement concentrating on collision-causing violations, school zone speed enforcement, neighborhood traffic complaints and streets with a high incidence of collisions.

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One lovely summer day, a driver was not paying attention to the road as she barrelled down State Route 2 near Monroe, Washington. The car in front of her slowed to stop, but the driver didn't see it until the last minute. To try to avoid a rear-end crash, she swerved her SUV into the lane of oncoming traffic. Angella, a mother of four, was driving her children and a young family friend to swim lessons. The distracted driver still struck the rear of the car in front of her, and then smashed head-on into Angella's minivan.

11 Things you want to have in your car in case of an emergency

You'll find many of the things on this list to be stuff you never have to think about - until it's all you can think about. Chances are, most of you driving on this cold winter Bellingham day will get to your destination safely and without delay. For those times when you might not, here is a list of essential items that can make emergencies a lot easier to handle.


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Delay. Deny. Defend.

For those who have been negotiating with insurance companies, this might not surprise you: Delay. Deny. Defend. That's the mantra of insurance companies when they negotiate a claim.

Simply put, an auto insurance company’s main objective is not compensating you, even if you have documented injuries stemming from a car wreck. In fact, many auto insurance companies often try to avoid paying out anything on personal injury claims.

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State troopers put themselves in dangerous situations every day

Accidents happen, and sometimes to the people who are usually the ones responding when someone else is hurt.

On February 23 of this year, Trooper Tommie Pillow was involved in a single motorcycle collision on Highway 520. Luckily it was after rush hour, but Trooper Pillow had severely injured his leg and was unable to move out of the way of traffic. I can't imagine how frightening it would be to be lying across a lane of the highway, unable to move, with oncoming traffic approaching at highway speeds.

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Paul was stopped at the traffic signal waiting to get onto the I-5 freeway. The at-fault driver wasn't paying attention and did not see that Paul was stopped ahead of her as she accelerated to highway speed. By the time she realized she needed to stop, she could not slow down because a water bottle had rolled under her brake pedal. Paul was rear-ended by a car reaching highway speed.