After The Crash: How Auto Accident Attorney Bill Coats Protects Your Rights

Everyone at Bill Coats Law understands the challenges that can arise after a serious car accident. We have seen the injuries and damage that can result from a collision and understand the difficulties some victims face in trying to recover full and fair compensation from the insurance companies.

There are very specific rules and regulations in Washington State that can complicate an insurance claim and the ability to recover additional compensation for things like disability, loss of enjoyment of life, and pain and suffering. In cases of severe injury or death, to have the best chance at receiving full and fair compensation for your losses, it is best to contact a local attorney who has knowledge and experience in laws regarding auto accident claims. We are located in Bellingham and serve clients throughout northwest Washington. 

Attorneys Bill Coats and Tiffany Bailey focus on automobile accident cases and will help ensure that your rights are protected.

If you’ve been in a car accident and are unsure of your next step, please call to set up a meeting with Bill to discuss your case.  There is never any charge to discuss your case.  We will review your claim, answer your questions, and determine if we can help. 

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We hear daily from people who have been injured in car accidents in Bellingham and throughout Whatcom County, including Ferndale, Blaine and Lynden. Sometimes the accidents and injuries are minor, but often, someone is seriously hurt or killed in a crash. It is a terrifying experience to go through, and afterwards, many crucial decisions need to be made to ensure the physical and financial recovery of the victims. Because of this, attorney Bill Coats focuses his legal practice on auto accidents in Bellingham and Whatcom County where he can help people negotiate the difficult road to recovery.

Contact Bill to discuss your car accident case at 360-392-2833.

Bill Coats' track record of full, fast, and fair auto accident settlements speaks for itself

Bellingham auto accident attorney Bill Coats has spent 20 years working with injured clients to ensure they get the medical treatment they need to recover, to get their medical bills paid, and to deal with auto insurance companies and adjusters to get the optimal settlement. His goal is to obtain the funds needed so clients can recover from their financial losses and move forward with their lives. He’s helped clients dealing with a wide variety of auto accidents, including:


Here’s what Bill has learned in 20+ years of handling auto accidents:

  • Even a fairly minor car accident can cause long-term injuries requiring extensive medical treatment – it is crucial to know how to estimate the cost of future medical treatment.
  • Car accidents are often caused by drivers with no insurance, despite the requirements of Washington State law, so it is imperative to find coverage through any available source.
  • Many people do not carry enough insurance to cover the damages in a car crash, especially if more than one person is injured or killed.
  • All insurance adjusters will offer low settlements initially, and it takes an experienced auto accident attorney to negotiate a full and fair settlement.

When you or someone you care about has been seriously injured in a car accident, there is a flurry of immediate decisions that need to be made to help the person medically and financially. Bill hears many questions and concerns from accident victims as they struggle to deal with what has happened. For example:

  • What should I do if I can’t work for a while?
  • What should I do if my injuries prevent me from ever returning to my current job?
  • Medical bills are piling up and I haven’t received any payments from the driver’s insurance company or from my own – What do I do?
  • The other driver had no insurance and I don’t know if my coverage will be enough?
  • The insurance adjuster is giving me the run around – how can I get a fair settlement?

Bill has the answers to these questions. Give him a call now to begin recovering from a car accident.

Some folks have received fairly minor injuries and call with questions about how to deal with property damage, and how to work with insurance adjusters to resolve their own claims. While in some cases it is possible to handle your own claim, for example when there are no injuries, very minor injuries, or minor vehicle damage, it is advisable to have a personal injury attorney review the situation first.

Bill Coats Law focuses upon personal injury and wrongful death law in Bellingham and throughout Whatcom County, and our experience has allowed us to help hundreds of clients like you. Contact us today to learn the path to recovery, at 360-392-2833.

Many auto accidents involve alcohol or drugs. If you or someone you love was involved in a drunk or drugged driving accident, click here to learn more. 

With the prevalence of electronic devices, distracted driving and the accidents it causes is on the rise. If your accident involved these factors that contribute to distracted driving, consult with an attorney experienced with handling them. 

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MADD's Tie One On For Safety Campaign comes to a Bellingham road near you

It's hard to imagine even one driver out there who doesn't know about the dangers of drunk driving. However, drunk driving is still a common occurrence on Bellingham and Whatcom County roads and beyond. The holiday season routinely shows an uptick in impaired drivers. In fact, according to MADD, one quarter of traffic-related deaths during Thanksgiving and Christmas involve drunk drivers. 

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Protect yourself from future wage loss in car accident settlements

Things can get really complicated when assessing what a car accident victim really loses after a serious car accident. As with any personal injury case, one issue to consider carefully is the income you have lost and the income you can expect to lose because of your injuries. Past wage loss is much easier to assess and document. But accident victims need to also consider future income losses, especially "lost earning capacity". 

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What to do if you collide with an animal

So… what do you do if you collide with an animal?

In a previous post, you learned tips to avoid hitting an animal with your car. Bellingham and Whatcom County are of course full of woods, and deer’s natural habitat is woodlands. There may be a time that unfortunately comes when you run into a deer or a pet, no matter how hard you tried to avoid it. Here are some guidelines on what to do.

Don’t put yourself at risk

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Tips for avoiding collisions with deer in Bellingham and Whatcom County

We have all seen deer lying on the sides of roadways after being hit and killed by a vehicle. According to insurers, the odds of a vehicle collision involving a deer are 1 in 300 in an average year of driving in Washington. In the latest issue of the Cascadia Weekly, the “Index” page listed statistics that point to a dramatic increase in deer fatalities every November. November is the peak of mating season for deer, and in fact, more than half of all collisions occur between October and November.

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Think drowsy driving was a factor in your car accident? Here are some telltale clues

Accident reports are full of facts that can lead Bellingham police, accident investigators, insurers and victims to evidence of drowsy driving. For example, if there are no tire marks on a road but a car plowed head on into a tree or another car, that can be an obvious sign that a driver was asleep or distracted. Unless it's a rare but terrible case of a deliberate crash, no skid marks would mean that the driver did not brake to avoid the crash.

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Don't drive with your eyes closed

We've all by now, I hope, heard of the analogy that driving while texting is like driving with your eyes closed. When your eyes aren't on the road, it's as good as driving blind. Drowsy driving is a more literal take on the idea. Drowsy driving isn't limited to falling asleep while driving, but also driving while sleep deprived. Similar to drunk driving, driving while sleep deprived impairs a driver's attention, reaction time, and ability to make the many necessary decisions driving involves.

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They're baaack!... Do you know how to share the roads with school buses?

Sharing the roads with school buses can be frustrating. They're like mobile stop lights, and when the lights flash, it may add a few moments to an early commute to work or weary drive home. But buses have their unique safety features and stopping laws because they carry our most precious cargo, and driving infractions carry stiffer penalties for motorists giving way to their frustration - or distraction. When you see a school bus, have some patience, and remember these laws so you can  help keep everyone safe.

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How many Bellingham drivers wear their seat belts regularly?

Not enough, I can tell you that much, since it should be each and every time, every person. Just skipping your seat belt once will increase your chance of serious injury or death in an auto accident by half for that quick trip to the grocery store or wherever you're trying to go. Nobody looks cool or feels more comfortable after they've been ejected from their vehicle. But the bright side is most Washington drivers and passengers know better, and wear seat belts 97% of the time.

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