Every time motorists accept a passenger into their vehicle, they form an upspoken agreement that they’ll both do what it takes to make the drive a safe one. Yet it is the driver’s ultimate responsibility to maintain the passenger’s well-being as long as that person is a passenger. Reckless, negligent driving – including drunk, drugged, or distracted driving – puts everyone in danger, especially those who are not in the driver’s seat. In case of an accident those behaviors cause or contribute to, the passenger retains the right to hold the driver liable for damages and losses that result.

Injuries from an accident often surpass physical pain and injury. Mental, emotional, and financial strain are part of a serious collision. But you don’t have to suffer in silence. An attorney who specializes in accidents in which a passenger is hurt from someone else’s negligence or mistake can make a world of difference in a victim’s recovery. Call Bill Coats for help today, at 360-303-0601.

Who Can I Hold Liable in My Passenger Accident Injury Claim?

Much of this answer is based on the particularities of the accident. Each collision has unique circumstances and complications. However, in most cases where a passenger is hurt, the victim can make a claim against one or more of the following insurance policies:

  • The insured driver’s liability policy.
  • If another vehicle was involved in the crash, that driver’s liability policy.
  • If there were multiple vehicles involved in one crash, passengers may seek compensation from all drivers involved. There are ways to determine to what extent each driver involved was responsible for the crash. In this fashion, an injured passenger may recover damages from all involved policies, even if the damages exceed the limits each involved driver carries.
  • If you were the passenger injured in a single-car accident in which the driver was determined to be at-fault, you can file a claim against the driver. It’s a hard thing to think about for most people in this predictament, as most likely you know the driver, as an acquaintance, friend, or close relations. Instead of making it a personal affront, a case like this really goes after the insurance policy, not the person. This policy was purchased by your friend for just these kinds of reasons, in case of an accident where someone gets hurt.

Who Else May Be Responsible for My Injuries?

Sometimes no one in the car was at fault for the accident. But something else had to have caused it, right? This is where a good lawyer can help in doing some detective work. A manufacturer of a car or car part may be negligent in selling faulty products, or those with design defects. For example, if a seatbelt or airbag failed to deploy properly, you could have been hurt needlessly. Other times, a pothole or dangerous road curves, or poor or missing signage can be the factors that cause an accident. Sometimes there is more than meets the eye in a collision. It helps to have on your side someone who has seen it all.

Bill Coats has twenty years’ experience procuring fast, fair and full settlements for his clients. If you have been in an accident as a passenger, you have options. Contact Bill today to talk about your case.

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