Tiffany Bailey, Associate lawyer at Bill Coats Law, recently adopted Tucker, a 10-week-old puppy. He has become the official office dog.

BCL: How did you know he was the one?

Tiffany: My partner, Tim, picked Tucker out of the litter because he was the most playful. It was a big litter – seven puppies altogether! We wanted a playful puppy, and Tucker really is, because he gets into everything. He loves to chew on socks. He’s still really small so it’s easy to keep things out of his reach for now. But he’s growing fast!

BCL: What’s it like having him at the office?

Tiffany: He’s usually pretty quiet, and early on he slept the whole time. When I made lunch, he’d want his lunch too. Now he’s getting used to being here, and likes to bark sometimes just to let us know he’s ready to play. We’ve got every kind of toy for him – Kongs with food inside, squeakie toys, which he has just learned to squeak. He loves huge stuffed animals, and will carry them around even if they’re twice his size.

BCL: What’s his favorite thing to do?

Tiffany: He loves to chew on socks! For some reason, socks are his go-to chew toy. He loves toys, loves treats. Those soft-baked cookie type treats are his favorite.

BCL: Studies show that having a pet in the office can lower everyone’s stress. Do you feel that’s true?

Tiffany: I can see that, though he snuck into Nichole’s office recently and barked at her. She didn’t know he was there, so he made her jump. His bark isn’t all that terrifying, it’s very high-pitched and squeaky, but it was a surprise. He’s fun, and people tend to be happy when they see him, so our clients can have a little bit of levity when they come in. That’s important, because usually they’re coming in at one of the hardest times of their lives. We want everyone to feel comfortable when they come here, and Tucker helps with that.

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