David was driving home from work on his motorcycle when he collided with a van. The accident resulted in a broken leg. The police determined that David was the at-fault driver and gave him a citation because he had rear-ended the van in front of him. But Bellingham motorcycle accident attorney Bill Coats found out that was only one side of the story. David explained that he was on a one way street with three lanes. The van was in the middle lane, and then quickly slowed down and moved into the left lane to turn left into a parking lot. David collided with the van when he was trying to go around it. When Bill Coats researched the case, he found that it was similar to the 1978 case Vanwagenen v. Roy, 21 Wn.App. 581. In that case the Court ruled that making a left turn from the right lane of a multi-lane one-way road results in loss of the favored driver status. Based on this, Bill Coats persuaded the insurance company that the van driver was at fault, and was able to recover $200,000 to compensate David.

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