Robert was a long-haul truck driver for over 20 years.  He was almost home here in Bellingham when seemingly out of nowhere, part of a tire came crashing through his windshield.  The tire had come off a semi-truck that was traveling in the other direction when it exploded, flew across the median and crashed through Robert’s windshield.

Our client Derek was driving home when he was struck by another driver who was distracted by his young children, failed to negotiate a curve in a Whatcom County road, crossed the center line, and crashed directly into Derek. Derek was extricated from his vehicle and was airlifted in critical condition to the hospital, where he was treated for a fractured forearm, fractured fibula, hip dislocation and broken ribs.

Don suffered disc injuries to his low back in a car accident where the at-fault driver pulled into traffic south of Bellingham and struck the side of Don’s classic 1955 Ford T-Bird. Don’s injuries were severe enough that he could not return to his physically demanding work as a paramedic. Although Don was close to retirement, he was counting on a few more good work years.

Eight year old Michael “Mikey” Busby Jr. was murdered April 18, 2002 by his sixteen year old neighbor, Ryan Alexander. At the time of the murder, Alexander was supposed to be serving a 20-day sentence from Juvenile Court on home arrest, and was being supervised by the Whatcom County Probation Department. The lawsuit claimed that the Probation Department was negligent in supervising Alexander.

A large pickup truck struck Lolita as she and her husband walked across a Bellingham-area casino parking lot to their car. Lolita was badly hurt with fractures in both ankles and her husband was also shaken up. The driver of the pickup was a young woman who admitted the collision was her fault and her insurance company eventually paid a policy limits settlement.

Kim was driving to her Bellingham home after work when her VW Beetle was rear-ended by a large pickup truck. The impact forced Kim’s car into the car in front of her, broke her seat, and injured her back.  She tried less invasive treatment but eventually needed spinal surgery. Bill Coats negotiated a settlement of $295,000.

Lynn loved to ride her bike.  Every workday she rode to her job at Joint Base Lewis McChord.  Lynn was well aware of the dangers of riding and always rode safely with a sharp eye out for hazards.  She was in the bike lane as she approached an intersection.  The light turned green and Lynn proceeded straight when the commercial vehicle to her left turned suddenly and hit her, crushing her bike and breaking her leg.

Intersections can be dangerous places, especially for pedestrians unprotected by the structure of a vehicle. When a car hits a pedestrian, severe injuries can result even at relatively low speeds. 

Kevin was attempting to cross the street when he was hit by a car. Though the car sustained only minor cosmetic damage, Kevin's leg was broken. 

On an icy January night, Mr. O’Brien was going too fast down an onramp to I-5 and lost control of his Ford Explorer. He ended up facing southbound in the northbound lane. At the time, his license had been suspended and he shouldn’t have been driving at all. The driver of the car Nicolette was riding in was unable to avoid a collision. Nicolette injured her neck and tried everything her doctors recommended to get better.

Paul was stopped at the traffic signal waiting to get onto the I-5 freeway. The at-fault driver wasn't paying attention and did not see that Paul was stopped ahead of her as she accelerated to highway speed. By the time she realized she needed to stop, she could not slow down because a water bottle had rolled under her brake pedal. Paul was rear-ended by a car reaching highway speed.