The long running television show, Law & Order Special Victims Unit, has Dr. Melinda Warner as its medical examiner.  Castle had Dr. Sidney Perlmutter.  Bellingham and Whatcom County Washington has Gary Goldfogel, M.D.  Whether real or fictionalized, medical examiners are required to perform forensic (legal) investigations for “sudden unexpected, violent, suspicious, or unnatural deaths.”  Whenever there is a wrongful death in Whatcom County, whether it be criminal or accidental, Dr. Goldfogel and his office will be involved, often testifying in Court if required.  When Bellingham Washington Personal Injury Attorney Bill Coats is representing a wrongful death claim, he contacts the Whatcom County Medical Examiner’s office to obtain the death certificate and autopsy report.  A death certificate can be ordered by filling out this form.  Bill Coats is highly qualified to handle your wrongful death case, but he advises that it is critical to contact a skilled, experienced attorney, whoever you choose, to advocate for you during this tragic time. 

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